soller consultorsJuan Carlos Jorquera Gómez
Lawyer and Economist

Our main aim is to offer you a company that can provide the helpful, efficient and effective service that you need.


All the members of staff at Sóller Consultors are friendly, professional people, with a high sense of responsibility, whose main aim is to aid our clients, small to medium sized businesses and self-employed professionals, offering them guidance and solving the issues that all entrepreneurs have to face.

We also take care of their compulsory accounting ledgers, and submit all the self-assessment documents required by law with regards to taxation, trade law, and employment law. 

Our clients can relax and feel safe in the knowledge that our heads of department are successful, experienced professionals, with careers stretching for over 20 years in their various specialities - economics, law and labour relations.     


-Because our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge and experience to solve any issues faced by small to medium sized businesses and self-employed professionals.

-Because we guarantee our services are in line with the quality that our clients expect to receive, working in a completely transparent way and always in accordance with high ethical standards.

-Because the cost of our services is always fixed and approved by the client, offering excellent value for the service we provide.

-Because we want you to give us the opportunity to show you how we work so that you can benefit from our experience when making difficult and complex decisions.


We are, and wish to remain a “Great Small Company”.

Our objective is not to be a large, bloated company with 50 branches, as this would be incompatible with the quality of the service and the personal touch we want to offer our clients.

The advantages of being a small company include, amongst other things, being able to solve issues more speedily, establishing a friendly and personal relationship with our clients, being more flexible and, to sum it up, making the client “feel at home”.